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Client Success Story: Jandel Homes

A proud Albertan company Jandel Homes is a proud Albertan company that has been retailing modular homes all across the prairies [Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba], British Colombia and all over the Territories for over 45 years. Today, they are one of western Canada’s largest modular home retailers, with large Sales Centres in Edmonton and Grande Prairie as well as new home developments across the province of Alberta, including the award-winning community of Meadows of Morinville.

Innovation and productivity Building modular homes requires precision production and rigid quality controls, resulting in reduced construction time, improved quality and overall project duration. In order to help them boost their performance, the Jandel team completed the two-day ARC along with the Productivity Assessment in Leadership, Operations, and Innovation. You can tell that innovation and productivity are important for success for their company.

The Jandel team

The Jandel team developed four ideas for process improvement addressing the key wastes; motion, waiting, and over-processing. Those ideas included an improved work order system and electronic timesheets, developing robust guidelines for work orders, a process for vetting improvement ideas, and streamlining the approval process for schedules. Lastly, the team developed a project charter around looking at improving efficiencies in their sales process. By implementing some simple improvements, they were able to reduce their overall processing time.

Continued investment in leadership and innovation After a year of working on innovative ideas and considering ways to make their business even better, the Jandel team continues to invest in leadership and innovation to stay ahead of the curve.



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