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I am pleased to share the exciting news that GO Productivity and NAIT have formed a strategic partnership. Over the past 18 months, NAIT and GO Productivity have worked to better understand each other’s productivity offerings and training services.   We are aligned in that we share a common vision which is that we each work to help Industry become more productive and competitive and believe that together we can do more to support the needs of industry.  The time spent learning from each other about our respective service and capabilities deepened our shared commitment to formalize our relationship.

GO Productivity and NAIT believed a strategic partnership was in the best interest of the not-for-profit agency and NAIT. Both legal entities worked to effect the change necessary to give NAIT control of GO Productivity and as such NAIT’s Board of Governors has appointed the directors of the GO Productivity Board.

While NAIT has full control of GO Productivity, GO Productivity retains a level of independence necessary to ensure it can execute on business and manage its already established client relationships. GO Productivity will still have a board and will operate under its name and brand (it’s business as usual for GO Productivity staff).

NAIT’s Board of Governors has appointed the following three members of its board to GO Productivity’s board as directors; Vi Becker, Yasmin Jivraj and Priti Laderoute. NAIT has also appointed the following three members of its senior leadership team to the GO Productivity Board; Ray Block, Sandra Marocco and Jeff Dumont.

This strategic alignment allows GO Productivity and NAIT to expand their suite of offerings through productivity enhancement services and associated training and deliverables.  Together, we will be even more responsive to our respective clients’ needs, with our combined resources and expertise – and our shared ability to create customized solutions.

Thank you for your considering GO Productivity as a supplier of services to your business / organization. We look forward to continuing to support your needs into the future.


Brian Pardell Interim Chief Executive Officer

NAIT Productivity & Innovation Centre Edmonton, AB T5G 0Y2 780 471 7438 | brian@goproductivity.ca


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